Get the Beginner Stenciled Pillow Kit!


Each kit comes with a few essentials but what really makes this offer special is you! Customize each kit with your favorite products and start crafting.


So What's In the Beginner Stenciled Pillow Kit? That's Up to You!

Kit Price: $48

Over $60 When Purchased Separately

Each Kit Includes

1-2 Canvas Pillow Cases

2 GelArt Inks

Chalk Spreader

1 Design Stencil

Want A Close Up?

Discover What You Can Create with the Kit

Tips from Amy

Amy Howard has been making, teaching, mentoring, and serving others for more than 30 years. In 2017, Amy decided to provide an opportunity for all creatives to grow a business of their own. Through A Maker’s Studio, creative souls can make and teach others how to craft a more beautiful life full of potential.

In this video, Amy shows how to use mesh stencils to bring a customized look to your living space!

What Our Customers Say

"This stencil is Beautiful!! The detail is extraordinary!!! The quality of the stencil itself is top notch…. Thank You A Makers Studio!!!!"

Margaret V.

Verified Buyer

"Always a great experience! I used products from 2 other companies for years, before finding Makers. Makers Ink, paste, all purpose paint, all stay fresh for a very long time, unlike the competition. The stencils are very detailed and always come out looking sharp. 10 stars for this company!!!"

Deborah D.

Verified Buyer

"I love using your stencils! They are very easy to use and great patterns and choices!"

Sheila F.

Verified Buyer

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