Vintage Stationery Kit

Gift your friends and loved ones with gorgeous custom cards with the Vintage Stationery Kit. Just paint your chosen design, write a personal note, and you will love the reactions you get! Each kit includes:

4 Folded Cards & Envelopes

Mesh Stencil - Vintage Oddities, 9x12

2 Gel Art Ink Samples

ChalkArt Spreader

Artist Brush

$19.00 ($33.00)
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Custom Crafts Designed for Beginners


Adhere the Stencil

Our thoughtfully designed and patented Tri Mesh adhesive stencils can be combined with a variety of surfaces to create endlessly customized DIY home décor.


Apply the Gel Art Ink

Use Gel Art Ink to customize and add some pop of color to your cards and envelopes!


Reveal Your Design!

It's that easy! Once your glass has dried you'll be ready to enjoy your unique personally crafted stationery. Enjoy!

Expert Tips

The Makers’ Journey is simple… make with joy, teach with passion, mentor with love, and serve with grace. We are all designed to be inspired and to inspire. Whether you’re restoring a precious piece of furniture, designing wall art, or completing any number of creative projects, you will feel how art can stir the soul and satisfy the heart.

In this video, you'll learn how to create customized stationery. Gift your friends and loved ones with beautifully designed cards from A Makers' Studio.

What Our Crafters Have to Say

"This stencil is Beautiful!! The detail is extraordinary!!! The quality of the stencil itself is top notch…. Thank You A Makers Studio!!!!"

Margaret V.

Verified Buyer

"Always a great experience! I used products from 2 other companies for years, before finding Makers. Makers Ink, paste, all purpose paint, all stay fresh for a very long time, unlike the competition. The stencils are very detailed and always come out looking sharp. 10 stars for this company!!!"

Deborah D.

Verified Buyer

"I love using your stencils! They are very easy to use and great patterns and choices!"

Sheila F.

Verified Buyer

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