Candle - Black Currant


The road to restoration is long for women who leave sex trafficking. One of the most difficult aspects of their journey is finding meaningful employment. At A Makers' Studio, we work with women who are ready to begin this new chapter in their lives by training them as artisanal candle makers. Each time you add a RENEWALL candle to your home or gift one to someone you love, you are giving the gift of restoration to one of these women.

Black Currant is as fruity and delightful as an afternoon in the garden. It is a complex blend of raspberry, orange, and grapefruit combined with the sweetness of soft peony and lavender. Earthy sandalwood and white patchouli balance out the sweetness for a candle you will love burning for hours.

RENEWALL candles feature natural soy wax and a cotton wick. Each one is hand poured in Memphis, Tennessee, and signed by the woman who is being rescued and restored by your purchase.

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