Clean Slate

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The first step you must take before beginning any project!

This exclusive cleaning solution is a must-have in your DIY toolbox. Clean Slate removes wax, grease and oily residue from furniture and cabinets. With just one application you can properly prepare your surface before applying a new finish.

“Make sure you start out with a ‘Clean Slate’ to achieve the beauty and charm you envision for each piece.”

This special solvent removes dirt, wax, oil, and everything you can’t even see from furniture or surfaces you wish to refinish. While other degreasers will not remove wax, Clean Slate truly cleans the entire surface. Since you are likely very eager to begin working with your surface, Clean Slate is formulated to only require one application before you can start working on your new piece!

Amy Howard at Home One Step Paint on a refinished cabinet.

Amy’s Tip: While it’s a great prep for your projects, you can also use Clean Slate if you accidentally put too much wax on your surface. Just apply to the areas you wish to remove wax until you get the finish you desire!

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