Light Wax

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Warmth and durability all in one place.


Light Wax is formulated to protect your finishes and give them the cozy, golden warmth we love in a well-worn antique. Use it on metal, to preserve and enhance patina, or to act as a protectant and sealer for raw wood. It pairs perfectly with your stained and painted pieces and gives milk paint an authentic, vintage sheen.

“Each piece has a story to tell. It is our job to listen...”

The beauty of antiques is that they have a story to tell. There is history between every layer of paint and within each spot of exposed wood. Light Wax helps you create and protect these elements of age on your restoration projects. Our exclusive combination of hard carnauba wax and buttery beeswax is easy to work with while remaining extremely strong. Enjoy the honey-hued vintage finish the natural beeswax lends to your piece with one simple application.

Amy Howard Light Antiquing Wax Product

Use Light Wax to create realistic antique details!

Skip the years of wear and tear needed to develop the perfect amount of character and age on your furniture. With Light Wax, you can create a perfectly vintage waxed finish on any piece. The carnauba wax, used on bowling alleys across the country, protects and seals, while the warm beeswax adds a subtle tint to your piece.

Amy’s Tip: Use a thrifted cabinet door to experiment on as you develop your favorite waxing techniques for larger projects.

Use a Round Hog Hair Paint Brush for best results when applying Light Wax.

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