Real Heroes Plaques


This kit is perfect for creating special gifts for the teachers and coaches in your life!  Everything you need is included and will give you three beautiful, one-of-a-kind gifts.  Just place the stencil on the board, apply the ChalkArt of your choice and viola!

Products in Kit:

  • 3 Chalkboards
  • Mesh Stencil – Real Heroes Teach
  • Peace & Joy – ChalkArt
  • Can’t Never Could - ChalkArt
  • ChalkArt Spreader

Other Supplies Needed:

  • N/A


  1. Place your stencil sticky side down, centered onto your chalkboard.
  2. Use the ChalkArt Spreader to apply Peace & Joy ChalkArt to the stencil, using enough pressure to push the ChalkArt through the mesh.
  3. Repeat the process using Can’t Never Could ChalkArt on the detailing of the stencil.
  4. Carefully remove the stencil and wash it in lukewarm water.
  5. When using multiple stencils together, do one at a time allowing the board to dry before moving to the next.
  6. Continue the process on the other plaques to create one of a kind pieces for the special people in your life!

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