My Neighbors Home - Paint By Number


Difficulty Level: Easy-Medium
What is included 

  • 16x20 Printed Image on high quality water color paper 
  • 10 beautifully hand mixed colors  
  • 3 different artist brushes 
  • Frame and mounting materials sold separately 
  • Instruction sheet 

A Makers Studio has  curated up and coming artists original art into paint by numbers allowing you to create your very own masterpiece. 
Making original art affordable and fun. Take some time for yourself and allow the stresses of the day to disappear as you paint and see the beautiful colors develop into a work of art you can hang in your home and enjoy. 

  1. Select your design 
  2. Find a place to enjoy painting and seeing your masterpiece come to life 
  3. Enjoy the Bragging Rights

Original Wood Cut Art By Chris Plummer

He has lived his whole life in Kentucky, and much of that time was spent along the Ohio River, and just south of Cincinnati. It was at Northern Kentucky University where he was first introduced to printmaking and received a degree in Fine Art. Around 2014, his wife, three kids, a cat, and a pony all moved 4 hours west, down the Ohio, to the small community of Niagara, KY. He now lives on 5 acres with 3 cats, 2 dogs, and an ever growing assortment of horses. His studio, about a mile from his home, is in a barn his wife’s grandfather had built 60 years ago. He has always been inspired by his surroundings, and days that mainly consist of fields, barns, trees, and sky.

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We think that painting your very own custom-made watercolor paper can be an exceptionally therapeutic and enjoyable experience and also if at the end of it, you obtain something new to hang proudly in your house! Some handy tips before you begin: Find a well lit area to start on your painting so you can see your job clearly. Make certain your surface is safeguarded - a plastic table towel or some paper will certainly work well. Have a container of water close by to clean your brushes in between shades.

Additionally, make certain to have a fabric or some paper towel to dry your brushes in between laundries. Correspond the number with the appropriate color This appears like an apparent step yet when you're painting the numbers matching to the proper shades, try as well as only repaint locations with that color before moving on to the following part of the painting. Allow those locations completely dry prior to going on to an additional shade. Clean your brushes with the water in between, enough that no shade runs onto a cloth or paper towel once cleaned. This will prevent any colors blending or bleeding into each various other.

You may require to make use of an extremely light soap with warm water. It may take an extra layer of paint to cover the numbers entirely however simply take care and also take your time so you don't end up utilizing excessive paint. One more painting suggestion is to begin on top and function your way down if you can, working with the smallest areas first, as this will certainly help protect against smudging the paint with your hand! If you needed, make use of a magnifying glass to repaint the smaller, harder locations. Do not hurry your painting, offer lots of drying time in between colors as well as paint meticulously to avoid errors. It will deserve it ultimately!

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