Maker Class - Inspirational Watercolor Cards


This workshop box includes everything you need to complete this gorgeous Inspirational Watercolor Project. Join us on LIVE on February 11th for an evening of conversation, community, and crafting as we complete this project together.

The flowers are outlined for you, you'll be filling in the beautiful designs with your provided paints. Enjoy crafting your beautiful life!

 Supplies Included:

  • Gold Metal Easel
  • 10 Bible Verse Floral Cards
  • Gel Art Ink – Bless His Heart (sample)
  • Gel Art Ink – Lord Have Mercy (sample)
  • Gel Art Ink – Over Yonder (sample)
  • Gel Art Ink – Hey Y’all (sample)
  • Gel Art Ink – Grass Is Always Greener (sample)
  • Gel Art Ink – Can’t Never Could (sample)
  • Artist Brush

Additional Supplies:

  • Cup of Water
  • Paper Towel
  • Ceramic Plate or Painters’ Pallet


  1. Begin by placing a dab of Bless His Heart and Lord Have Mercy Gel Art Ink onto your pallet. Then add water to each and begin mixing some of each together.
  2. Add a bit more water and then begin painting in the flower. Work in sections and try to vary density of color by using more or less water.  While painting, keep in mind how a flower grows. The tighter center section of the petals tends to be darker whereas when the flower opens up the petals become lighter in color.
  3. If you need to lighten an area you have already painted on, take a small piece of paper towel and use it to soak up some paint. This can also aid in varying the density of the paint.
  4. Continue to paint the flower petals until done. Then add a small dab of Over Yonder Gel Art Ink to your pallet, mixing a tad with some water and Lord Have Mercy. Use this to paint in the center of the flowers.
  5. Next, place a dab of Can’t Never Could, Grass Is Always Greener, and Hey Y’all Gel Art Ink to your pallet. Add water to each and then mix 2 parts Hey Y’all, 2 parts Grass Is Always Greener, and 1 part Can’t Never Could. This will give you a beautiful sage color to paint some of your foliage with. Create other shades of green for other foliage by playing around with the ratios.
  6. To make thin lines for stems and such, take your Artist Brush and press the bristles down onto a paper towel. This should fan them out and flatten the bristles to give a skinner brush for any thin lines you need. Continue painting the rest of your card in sections until complete.  Then play around with other color combinations to paint your other cards. You can create brown by mixing Bless His Heart, Over Yonder, and Hey Y’all and then water it down to paint cream colored flowers.  You can also mix Hey Y’all and Bless His Heart to create a beautiful violet.

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