Gel Art Ink

Gel Art Ink

It's time to bring out the artist in you. If you want to spruce up your home or simply love getting your hands on a creative DIY project, a wonderland of opportunity with our gel art ink. From clothing to furniture and other decor, nothing is off-limits when you have these inks in your artistic arsenal!

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Unleash Your Full Artistic Potential With Our Vibrant, Rich Gel Art Ink!

Immerse yourself in the world of color with our gel ink for art! Designed to lay rich, permanent color on fabrics, apparel, upholstery, and most soft surfaces, these inks give your projects an eye-catching edge. Whether you're creating your own wearable art or adding pops of color to your home decor, these inks let you paint your dreams into reality.

Using it couldn't be easier, too. Apply it through our range of stencils, let it dry, and behold the result: a stunning piece of art. And the best part? You can set your design with a warm iron, ensuring no mess, no fuss, only a smooth artistic process. Here’s what others had to say about using them:

“Love love the inks! Easier to work with than paste and all of the colors never disappoint.” - Linda

“I love the paints and how versatile they are.” - Sherry

“This project turned out so crisp and ink is so easy to use. Love this project so far and many more projects to use my gel art ink on.” - Claudia

What Makes Our Gel Ink for Art So Special?

At A Maker's Studio, we put a lot of thought into the creation of these inks. The ease of application and range of surfaces it adheres to make it versatile and user-friendly. And, it’s not just rich and vibrant, but also permanent, making your art withstand the test of time. It’ll look stunning on day one and it’ll look just as good a few years from now.

You can make sure the application is seamless by using a ChalkArt spreader, art squeegee, artist brush, or clear stamp. Worried about bleeding? Just remember to apply thin layers and you're golden. From fabric to metal, from wood to plastic, there's hardly any surface these inks won’t work on. So, why not try them out yourself today?

From Clothing to Home Decor, We Can’t Wait to See What You Create With Our Gel Art Ink

Our gel art ink is a treasure chest waiting to be discovered. It's not just about the ink, it's about the world of possibilities that it opens up. From creating designs on clothing to giving your home decor a personal touch, we are excited to see how you put these inks to use.

Don't limit your imagination. Create wall art, customize your upholstery, make your own designer apparel, or create paper crafts. These inks are here to help you create your artistic mark on the world,

If you want to experiment with other finishes, we have gel stain, one step paint, ceramic paint, chalk paste, and more. We also have the mesh adhesive stencils you need to create stunning, consistent works of art every time - including holiday stencils, quote stencils, bible verse stencils, pattern stencils, animal stencils, and a whole lot more.

So, what are you waiting for? Let your creativity lead the way and make your artistic journey a memorable one with A Maker’s Studio!