Acrylic Glacier Resin Bundle

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Size: 8 oz. Bundle
Our Acrylic Glacier Resin is the clearest epoxy available. Non-yellowing, non-priming, odorless, and self-leveling. Perfect for your favorite acrylic craft projects, tabletops, and creating beautiful countertops. It can be used anywhere as a hard durable crystal clear coating with a clear glass quality. We have included a special UV protectant to protect your projects to never crack, chalk, or yellow. 

Use this duo to create geode paperweights, jewelry, notebook covers and so much more with our collection of molds

Mix A Resin with B Hardener in a 1:1 ratio. Measure to ensure exact mixing ratios. 
Your working time is 20 minutes once mixed. Your gel time is 30 minutes. Allow the surface to dry for 6-9 hours. For crafting, your through dry time is 10-14 hours. 

Our Acrylic Glacier Resin and Hardener can be applied with a foam brush or our squeegees. For the first stage, apply a thin layer of your mixture and allow it to set up. Then apply the second layer, after drying it should be approximately 1/8 inches thick. 1 to 3 flood coats are typical.