Dust of Ages

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Elegantly aged to perfection.

Dust of Ages settles into every crack and crevice to give your vintage finishes those delicate details that make all the difference. Give your furniture hundreds of years of character in one simple technique.

“Inspired by the accumulation of time on the gilded frames that hold centuries-old works of art and the stories such age could tell...”

Dust of Ages works alongside wax topcoats to add a subtle sheen that makes Amy Howard finishes so authentic and unique. Change the patina of One Step Paint or Toscana Milk Paint to infuse these matte, chalky finishes with luxuriously vintage depth and character.

Amy Howard Dust of Ages Product

With Dust of Ages they won’t believe it’s not actually antique!

There are countless details that form as a piece ages over time. The oils of our hands create a natural patina as we close cabinets and open drawers. Texture forms as paint settles and furniture acquires bumps and nicks that form each piece’s character. Dust settles in, crating a layer of authentically vintage charm. Dust of Ages allows you to create this look in one smart process, no matter the age of your furniture, cabinetry, frame, or decorative detail.

Amy’s Tip: Identify the details you want to bring out in your project and combine our waxes with Dust of Ages to create luxuriously rich depth and a perfectly aged patina.

Use Dust of Ages with One Step Paint™ and Toscana Milk Paint™ to create at truly authentic and delicately aged finish. Be sure to seal your work with Matte Sealer or wax.

Dust of Ages

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