Etched Seasoning Jars Kit

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Supplies Included:

  • Etching Cream
  • Mesh Stencil – Le Fleur
  • No Bake Ceramic Paint – Angel Wings (sample)
  • Artist Brush

Additional Supplies Needed:

  • Glass Seasoning Jars
  • Painters’ Tape
  • Surgical Gloves


  1. Begin by placing painters’ tape around the glass jars leaving a strip in the middle. Be sure to burnish (firmly rub) the edges of the tape.
  2. Next, begin adding the Etching Cream to the glass strip in the middle using the Artist Brush. Use the brush to rub the cream into the glass.
  3. Then be sure to go back and evenly glob on more Etching Cream. More is better for this technique.  Allow the cream to sit for a minimum of five minutes before washing off with lukewarm water.  Be sure to wear surgical gloves when removing the cream.
  4. Once dry, place stencils centered onto the etched stripe of each jar.
  5. Working on one at a time and using a dry brush, apply Angel Wings Ceramic Paint to the stencil.
  6. Then quickly remove the stencil and wash it in lukewarm water. Continue with the additional jars repeating the same steps.  Allow the Ceramic Paint to dry for at least a couple of hours to cure.  For more durability, place in a cool oven, heat to 325 degrees for 30 minutes, and then allow to cool in oven.