Fab Finials Kit


One of the most fun and versatile pieces you can have in your “DIY repertoire” are finials. Finials are the crowning details you see on bed posts, curtain rods, and floor clocks, but you can leave these as standalone “accents” to scatter across your home for an elegant touch. Because finials are easy to come by, especially when you buy the Fab Finials kit, we’re sharing tips on how to make the most out of them in this week’s Maker Monday video.

What You’ll Need

You’ll also need a lint-free rag.

How to Beautify Your Finials

  1. Paint Windsor Grey Gel Stain on your finial, applying it with the sponge brush along the grain of the wood.
  2. Wipe off the excess Gel Stain with a lint-free rag and allow to dry.
  3. Using your chip brush, apply Peace and Joy ChalkArt™ in a cross-hatching motion all over the finial. Make sure to offload excess ChalkArt™ before applying it to your piece. (Pro tip: You can use a slightly damp rag to “buff off” areas you don’t like.)
  4. Once your ChalkArt™ is dry, use steel wool over the finial to blend it to a texture and appearance you like.
  5. Dip the tip of your artist brush into the Gilding Size container, offloading any excess on the side of the container. Then, gently apply the Gilding Size to the top and edge of finial.
  6. Once the Gilding Size has come to tack (slightly sticky but not wet), cut your Gold Leaf sheet in half and then apply it to the Size-covered areas. Burnish it on with your finger, rubbing the leaf to make sure it transfers to the Size. 
  7. Brush off the excess leaf with your finger (or a dry chip brush if you have one) and then lightly rub the piece with steel wool to blend the leaf into the wood for an aged, decorative look. 

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