Hot Chocolate Station Kit


AMS Products:

  • 18x18 Framed Board
  • One Step Paint Windsor (sample)
  • Windsor Gray – Gel Stain (sample)
  • Mesh Stencil – Warm Up
  • Cute As A Button – ChalkArt (sample)
  • I Reckon – ChalkArt (sample)
  • Metallic Silver – ChalkArt (sample)
  • ChalkArt Spreader
  • Foam Brush


Other Supplies Needed:

  • Lint Free Cloth
  • Painters’ Tape


  1. Begin by placing painters’ tape along the inside edge of your board making sure to burnish it (firmly rub) once done.
  2. Then use the Foam Brush to paint the inside of the board using the Windsor One Step Paint. Always paint into a wet edge and apply additional coats as needed once dry.
  3. Once dry, place painters’ tape on the inside of the board to protect the painted area. Then use either a lint free cloth or the dried Foam Brush to apply the Windsor Gray Gel Stain to the frame.  If using the Foam Brush, use a lint free cloth to remove any excess stain.
  4. Next, place the Hot Chocolate Station stencil centered at the top of the board.
  5. Apply Metallic Silver ChalkArt using the ChalkArt Spreader to the corner details and the words “Warm Up At The.” Be sure to apply enough pressure to push the ChalkArt through the mesh and move quickly enough so that it doesn’t dry and stick to the stencil instead of your board.
  6. Next, quickly apply the Cute As A Button ChalkArt to the inside scroll details.
  7. Then quickly repeat the process to the rest of the stencil using I Reckon ChalkArt.
  8. Immediately remove the stencil and then wash it in lukewarm water.
  9. Repeat the steps adding two of the cocoa bean designs on either side at the bottom using I Reckon ChalkArt. Wash the stencil using lukewarm water.
  10. Once dry, place the hot cocoa cup centered on top of the two cocoa bean designs. Be sure not to press the stencil down hard on the areas that overlap any designs.
  11. Repeat the steps above using all three ChalkArts to create your cup of hot chocolate. Once done, remove and wash the stencil in lukewarm water.

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