Prayer Board Kit


Prayer Board

Supplies Included:

  • Wooden Frame Large - 15x20
  • Mesh Stencil – Prayer Board
  • English Walnut – Gel Stain (sample)
  • Lakai Blue - One Step To Paint (sample)
  • I Reckon - ChalkArt (sample)
  • Sponge Paint Brush – 2”
  • ChalkArt Spreader

Additional Supplies:

  • Painters’ Tape
  • Lint Free Cloth


  1. Begin by placing painters’ tape around the inside edges of the frame. Then use your Sponge Brush to apply Lakai Blue One Step Paint to the inside of your board. Be sure to use nice long strokes and always paint into a wet edge.  Once dry, apply additional coats as needed.
  2. Next, mix 1 part English Walnut Gel Stain with 1 part water. Place painters’ tape down on the inside of the board to protect the paint. 
  3. Then use the Sponge Brush to apply a thin layer of stain on the frame of the board. Use a lint free cloth to remove any excess stain.
  4. Once everything has fully dried, place your Prayer Board stencil centered on your board.
  5. Quickly apply the I Reckon ChalkArt to the stencils using the ChalkArt Spreader. Be sure to apply enough pressure to push the ChalkArt through the mesh.
  6. Once done, remove the stencil and wash in lukewarm water. Allow ChalkArt to dry before using a chalk piece to write on board.  

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