World Map Project

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Create vintage world map artwork with no painting skills needed! 


  • Mesh Stencil – World Map
  • Gel Art Ink - Hush Your Mouth, Can't Never Could, Metallic Copper
  • Artist Brush
  • Angled Squeegee

Additional Supplies Needed:

  • Paper 18x12 in size


  1. Take the black Can't Never Could and the Metallic Copper Gel Art Inks and add one small dot of each to a small bowl or container. Add a tablespoon of water and mix well. Using the Artist Brush, apply the watercolor all over the paper. Load the brush with the watercolor and flick the paint unto the paper to create random splotches. This does not have to be precise since it will be an antiqued look. Once finished, allow to dry fully. 
  2. Take the World Map Mesh Stencil and remove from packaging and remove the white backing. Apply to the center of the paper (it should fit exactly if using an 18x12 size) and burnish (rub firmly) so it is well adhered. Using the Angled Squeegee, apply a small amount of the blue Hush Your Mouth Gel Art Ink to the stencil and scrape over the mesh all over until fully covered. 
  3. Peel the stencil away carefully and wash immediately with water. Make sure to massage out all the paint from the mesh and allow to air dry adhesive side up. Place back on the white backing for storage.
  4. Allow the paint to fully dry and enjoy your new custom World Map Artwork!