Nearly 25 million people and children around the world are victims of human trafficking. Our hope is that one day we will see a world in which all women and children can be safe, can be home, and can reach their highest potential. That is why A Makers’ Studio is on a mission to help end human trafficking across the globe.

Our Makers have partnered with use to use their hands and heart to make a difference in the world. With every purchase made we bring awareness to human trafficking and the need to provide support to those affected by this and other difficult life events.

"Seeing these women at work fills my heart with so much joy and hope for the difference that the RE•NEW•ALL Candle Collection can make on the world. My dream is that so many of these candles will bring light to homes across the country that we, in turn, can employ even more rescued women as candle makers. I can only imagine what a difference they will then go out and make on the world, too!" - Amy Howard