DIY - Groovy Tote Bag
October 04, 2022

DIY - Groovy Tote Bag

Get the cutest tote bag look with Lianep from DIY Beauty on Purpose! She'll walk you through how to use and place mesh stencils, choosing placement, and using Chalk Art! We are in love with this cute tote!! 💛

Products Needed:

Additional Supplies:

  • Tote Bag
  • Scissors    
  • Masking Tape or Lint Roller
  • Towel
  • Cup
Step One - Prep!
Take your scissors and cut the Retro Faith Mesh Stencil so that each design is separate. Next, take the Masking Tape (or a Lint Roller) and remove a piece that is about the width of the bag. Place the tape onto the bag and then remove it to get rid of any lint from the tote bag. Continue to do this until you have removed any visible lint.
Step Two 
Once the lint has been removed take the Retro Faith Mesh Stencil and place the designs randomly throughout the tote bag. When you have found a placement you are happy with start to individually remove each stencil design from its backing and place it onto the tote bag before you move onto the next design. This is to help you not forget where you had placed them. Rub the Stencil firmly to make sure it adheres very well. 
Step Three 
Pick which color Chalk Art you would like on each Design. Once you have done this begin with one Chalk Art at a time. To protect the tote bag you can put some masking tape on the edges of the Stencil to avoid getting the Chalk Art on it. 
Use the Angled Squeegee with the Love is Chalk Art to spread the paste over the Stencil design you chose, making sure to cover all areas. As you spread the paste into the tote bag, occasionally dip the tip that is covered with paste on your Angled Squeegee into a cup of water. The water helps the fabric better absorb the paste. If you used masking tape to protect the painted side remove it first before removing the stencil.
Once done, slowly peel the stencil away from the tote bag (if you see any unpainted areas as you're removing the stencil, just lay it back down and add more paint over that area). Once fully removed, immediately wash with warm water and mild soap or put into a bath of water to soak. Once all of the paint is washed off of the stencil, lay it adhesive side up to air dry. Dip your Angled Squeegee in the water and use your towel to remove the Chalk Art Paste from the Angled Squeegee before using a different color Chalk Art. Follow these steps with each Stencil Design and Chalk Art until you have covered the tote bag. 
Step Five 
Once the Chalk Art had dried you are finished! Now you can head out with your new groovy tote bag! This is also a great gift to give anyone for Christmas, Birthday, or Mother's Day! We hope you try this out, make sure to post and tag us in what you create! 
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