Faux Tortoise Earrings From Resin
October 14, 2021

Faux Tortoise Earrings From Resin

It's never too early to start thinking about Christmas presents! Our new Faux Tortoise Earring Kit has everything you need to make the cutest earrings for you and your friends! This kit includes: 
  • Acrylic Glacier Resin A - 8 oz.
  • Acrylic Glacier Hardener B - 8 oz.
  • 2 Earring Molds
  • 4 Mini Pigment Powders
  • 3 Stir Sticks
  • Earring Hardware

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How To

Step One:

Measure and mix your Glacier Resin labeled A and your Glacier Hardener labeled B together. Equal amounts 1-1 ratio.  Make sure to wear surgical gloves to protect your hands when pouring and mixing. Also, wear a mask when pouring and working with resins. 

 Step Two: 

Pour your A and B into one larger cup and stir well for 3 minutes, be sure to mix the product on the side of the cup.  

Step Three: 

Pour a little of your mixed resin into a silicone measuring cup and get your Venetian Yellow Pigment ready. 

 Step Four: 

Add a little of your Venetian Yellow pigment to your small measuring cup – do not use more than 6% pigment with your resin mixture. You will want to blend your pigment very well and get it evenly distributed. Add additional clear resin mixture and mix very well. 

Step Five: 

Repeat Step Four with your Noir Black Pigment and Venetian Brown Pigment. You will want to do 1 part Black Noir and Two Parts Venetian Brown. This becomes a personal preference on how dark you want your tortoise to be. 

Step Six:

Pour in your yellow resin here and there allowing room for the brown/black custom mixed resin to blend. Allow a couple of minutes for the yellow resin to level then you can go back and add the brown/black resin with a pipette, syringe or carefully pour little drops here and there. Then take a pipette and blend the colors together gradually. 

Step 7: 

Allow your beautiful tortoise earring to dry overnight at least 10-11 hours. Then pop out of the silicone mold. If you have any residue left on your molds or surface, Clean Slate by Amy Howard At Home is a great cleaner for resin residues. 

 Step 8: 

Taking the ear backing of your choosing open the ring right under the ball and twist it to open up. Then attach the top square or circle resin piece. Close the metal circle by twisting again. 

Step 9:

Once your top earring is attached, using the metal circle hold one side with a flat grip and twist it open with your pliers using your other hand. Then attach through the hole and twist into place. 

Step 10:

Enjoy The Bragging Rights of making your beautiful Faux Tortoise Earrings.