December 13, 2019


There is a beautiful Japanese art form called Kintsugi in which the breaks in an object are seen as its history. There is something so meaningful in being broken but seeing it as a gift. These coasters are on-trend and so chic. They make the perfect gift or statement in your own home!

When we feel broken, all we have to do is cry out to our Lord and He will heal us and put us back together again. Psalm 30:2

Products used in this project:

- Gold Leaf

- Gilding Size

- Artist Brush


Step 1: Lay your tile on a hard surface and cover with a cloth. While wearing safety glasses use a hammer to strike the tile hard enough to break it. Remove the cloth and use it to carefully dust off any loose pieces.

Step 2: Using the Artist Brush apply Gilding Size to the broken edges.

Step 3: Once the size has come to tack, apply the Gold Leaf to the entire area covered with size. Be sure to burnish with tissue from the booklet.

Step 4: Use a strong glue such as Gorilla Glue to put the pieces of the tile back together. Allow to dry and then apply the cork backing to the bottom.