Custom Earrings With Decorative Molds
July 15, 2022

Custom Earrings With Decorative Molds

This is your new DIY best friend! Say hello to your new obsession... There is so much you can do with our new product. Carefully designed for you, you can make custom detailed accents, hardware, jewelry, and so much more! Scroll below to see how we made custom earrings with our new favorite DIY accessory..

Amy Howard at Home Decorative Molds are perfect to use with the Acrylic Glacier Resin to create your own custom embellishments and raised decoration on your furniture pieces. Our silicone molds have a natural release and do not stick.
The detail on our molds will be quite exquisite due to the depth in each. You can use these molds over and over again

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Acrylic Glacier Resin + Fondant Molds = match made in heaven!

Let Us Show You How To Make Custom Earrings

Our NEW Decorative Molds pair wonderfully with our Acrylic Glacier Resin and Hardener mixture. The options are truly endless with 21 different Molds to choose from!

Step One

Measure Out Resin/Hardener Mixture and Mix

To make your final piece more flexible so as to apply to curved surfaces, simply pour in your mixture of 60% resin with 40% hardener and mix well for 3 minutes. Pour into the mold and allow to dry overnight. Pop out your design and apply with super glue to your frame, furniture, or decorative object.

The recipe to make the resin very hard and inflexible would be a 1:1 ratio of resin and hardener. Measure to ensure exact mixing ratios. Your working time is 20 minutes once mixed. Your gel time is 30 minutes. Allow the surface to dry for 6-9 hours. For crafting, your through dry time is 10-14 hours. We recommend letting it cure overnight.

If you prefer using air dry clay in lieu of resin, you will notice some shrinkage and cracking. Be aware that air dry clay will not give you the detail that you can get with Resin.

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Step Two

Pour Mixture Into Your Choice Of Decorative Mold And Let Cure Overnight

Step Three

Pop Out Your Design Then Apply Gilding Size. Simply Apply Gilding Size With An Artist Brush And Let The Solution Become Tacky (not completely dry) Before Starting Step Four

Step Four

Apply Sterling Silver Leaf Over Entire Surface Area. The Silver Leaf Will Cling To The Gilding Size. Then, Brush Off Excess With An Artist Brush.

Step Five

Attach Jewelry Hardware And You're Done! You Have The Cutest Custom Earrings That You Can Gift Or Keep For Yourself!

What Will You Create?