The Stencil That Keeps On Giving

January 18, 2022

The Stencil That Keeps On Giving

A Stencil With A Purpose


This Stencil is sure to brighten someone's day. The purpose of the Giving Plate is to gift a gift that keeps on giving. Create a beautiful plate with this Mesh Stencil, fill it with your favorite recipe, and pass it along to a friend. When they finish the treat you made, they will see the note and get to pass the plate to someone new!

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Giving Plate DIY Ideas

Pile your favorite homemade treats on this plate, and give it to a family member or friend!


Take this plate to your local police or fire department and share the love!


Write your name on the bottom of plate and encourage your recipient to do the same so people can see where this plate has traveled from!

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