Valentine's Treat Bags
January 06, 2023

Valentine's Treat Bags

The holiday of love is right around the corner, and we have the cutest craft for those sweethearts in your life! Join us as we craft some Valentine's treat bags using just a few supplies. 

Products needed:  

Other supplies:

  • Small canvas or cloth bags
  • Small container
  • Water


Step 1

Add a small amount of the red and pink Gel Art Ink to separate containers and add 4-5 drops of water to each. Mix with the Artist Brush.


Step 2

Take the Artist Brush and paint the bottom most section of the canvas or cloth bag using the red Bless His Heart Gel Art Ink. You may be as detailed or imprecise as you'd like! 

Now use the pink Pretty as a Picture Gel Art Ink to paint the top part of the bag leaving a space in the middle between the pink and red.

Now that you've painted the red and pink sections, add a drop of Bless His Heart (red) to the container of Pretty as a Picture (pink) and mix well to create a color between the two shades. Paint the blank middle of the bag, blending the sections desired to create an ombre effect.

Step 3

Take the Love Love Love Mesh Stencil (or your chosen design), and cut out the part you'd like to use on the bag. Peel the black mesh off of the white backing and place on the bag in the desired spot. Be sure to burnish (rub) the stencil well so it adheres to the bag in all areas.

Step 4

Using the ChalkArt Spreader, apply the Can't Never Could (black) Gel Art Ink in a sweeping downward motion, pushing the ink through the mesh. Be sure to keep your ink on top of the stencil.

Tip: You may place painter's tape around the adhered stencil to keep from going outside the lines!

Peel away the the stencil to reveal your detailed Valentine design!

Tip: Be sure to immediately wash your Mesh Stencils, rubbing the ink out of the mesh under running water and leaving to air dry sticky side up!

Repeat as desired for each of your bags. Get creative and think outside the box!


Stuff with candy or fun little notes, and enjoy handing out your custom treat bags to all your Valentines!


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Want to watch the video? Amy and Michelle made their own Valentine's bags and you can follow along with them!