July 02, 2019


As a seasoned business owner, I have experienced just about every kind of victory, misstep, and hard-earned growth there could be on an entrepreneurial journey. These past years have been exactly what I dreamed they would be, and yet absolutely nothing like I expected all at the same time! I can’t help but look down the roads I’ve traveled and see very distinctive markers that have made all the difference in both my personal life and professional career. 

The desire to share these golden truths with you is burning in my heart, in the hope that you, too, will experience the blossoming of your own dreams. Sometimes, all someone needs to start pursuing their dreams is someone to tell them that they can. And I’m here, as your guide and biggest cheerleader, to tell you that you can. You absolutely can. 

After all, you are a maker.


How do you begin to honestly assess and understand your talents? First, I suggest taking a free, short personality test called the DISC. As the DISC personality test instructions say, answer each statement honestly and spontaneously. Sometimes choosing the statements can be tough, but make the best decision you can. When you’re done, you’ll find your DISC type. This is not for my benefit, as I receive no compensation. It’s for you: this test will help you see your strengths and characteristics laid out before your eyes. 

Whether you’re a blogger, local shop owner, or have just begun to test the idea of making a living doing what you love, the first thing you must do is acknowledge your talents, and then understand them. Your greatest chances of being a successful maker lie within your wealth of self-knowledge and quiet confidence.  


In recent years, something quite phenomenal has taken place. It’s lovingly referred to by some as the “Maker Movement”: creative men and women are moving in studios and storefronts, armed with their craft and a laptop. And dovetailing this, our culture has warmed to the idea that owning a unique, high-quality item handmade with love is far more fulfilling than buying a cheap item made and shipped from who knows where (for a price we’d rather not know). 

As a maker, remember that your passion worth sharing. And awaiting market is ready and eager to have you!

Every one of us is capable of “making” something, of course, but a true maker carries an unshakable conviction to share their creative notions and compositions with the world. For us makers, it is an honor to make something beautiful that both fills a personal creative need and serves a vital purpose in society. The first step in serving your purpose as a creative business owner is understanding oneself. 

Dear maker, you are an entrepreneur. Your unique talents are waiting to be developed. So get out there, and get started!

XOXO, Amy Howard