Best Paint to Use for Stencils | What Kind of Paint do You Use With Stencils?
June 01, 2023

Best Paint to Use for Stencils | What Kind of Paint do You Use With Stencils?

As you get ready for an upcoming project, you may be wondering…what kind of paint do you use with stencils? Discover the best paint to use for stencils and in this complete guide!

Best Paint to Use For Stencils: What Kind of Paint do You Use With Stencils?

Why Finding the Best Paint to Use For Stencils Cannot Be Overlooked

  1. Clean and Crisp Results: Using the appropriate paint for stencils is essential to achieve clean and crisp results. Stencil designs require precise edges, and the wrong paint can lead to bleeding, smudging, or uneven lines. The right paint will allow you to create sharp and well-defined designs, adding a professional touch to your DIY projects.

  2. Adherence to Surfaces: The best paint for stencils should adhere well to different surfaces without running or smearing. Proper paint selection ensures that your stenciled design stays intact, even on uneven or textured surfaces. It prevents paint seepage under the stencil edges, resulting in a polished and flawless finished product.

  3. Versatility and Compatibility: Different projects may require different types of paint. Whether you're stenciling fabric, wood, walls, or other materials, it's important to choose a paint that is compatible with the surface you're working on. The right paint will be suitable for multiple surfaces, providing versatility and allowing you to tackle various stenciling projects with ease. A Makers' Studio paints are each designed to be used for specific surfaces so you have a paint for each kind of project you could imagine. 


What Kind of Paint do You Use With Stencils? All Your Options Explained

One Step Paint

With our One Step Paint, you can transform ordinary DIY projects into stunning works of art that leave people speechless. It’s easy to use, safe, and versatile, and you’re just a few clicks away from finding the perfect color for your next work of art!

Best used on: any surface or existing finish

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A Makers' Studio ChalkArt is all about versatility. Use this water-based chalk paste to easily customize your furniture, tabletop dècor, glass, and nearly any other non-porous surface.

What you'll love:

  • After drying for just 15 minutes, you will have a beautiful piece of lettering or artwork that will leave people wondering, "how did she do it?"
  • Change up your design later by simply cleaning your piece with a wet rag and creating something brand new!
  • Pair with our uniquely detailed (and patented!) mesh decorative stencils to create truly professional designs on almost any surface over and over again!

Join in the fun of customizing weddings and events, hostessing like a pro with beautifully designed placemats, creating magazine-worthy furniture updates, and more with ChalkArt.

Best used on: Paper, wood, ceramic, glass, fabric, and more.

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No Bake Ceramic Paint

A Makers' Studio No Bake Ceramic paint lays a rich, permanent color on ceramic and glass surfaces and it's food safe!

What you'll love:

  • Create your own custom dishes, vases, and glasses with vibrant pops of color (best on ceramic, porcelain, vases, glass, jars or fine china).
  • It's so easy! Just apply it to your surface with your favorite A Makers' Studio stencils!
  • This medium is food safe and microwave safe.  For best results hand wash only.

Join in the fun of customizing platters, dishes, vases, glasses, etc.  The possibilities are endless!

Best used on: glass and ceramic surfaces

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Gel Art Ink


A Makers' Studio Gel Art Ink lays rich, permanent color on fabrics, apparel, upholstery, and most soft surfaces.

What you'll love:

  • Create your own wearable art or customize your décor with vibrant pops of color.
  • It's so easy! Just apply it to your favorite A Makers' Studio stencils and let it dry!
  • Easily set your artwork with a warm iron - no mess!

Best used on: Apparel, wood, fabric, plastic, metal, upholstery, paper, and most soft surfaces. 

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Etching Cream 

A Makers' Studio Glass Etching Cream creates beautiful, custom detailing on any glass surface.

What you'll love:

  • Easily create unique details for your drinkware, mirrors, serving trays, and more with one simple application.
  • Your glass etchings are permanent and washable... the possibilities are endless.
  • Pair with our patented stencils to make truly wow-worthy designs... no one would know it was DIY!

Use Glass Etching Cream to quickly and easily turn boring glass surfaces into works of art with fun patterns and beautiful stenciling!

Best used on: glass

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Gilding Size

Gilding adds little touches of luxurious detail to your furniture, decorative accents, and even dishware. A Makers' Studio Gilding Size is the adhesive you need to work with your favorite gilding leaf.

What you'll love:

  • The water-based formulation is incredibly easy to use!
  • Gilding Size works perfectly with A Makers' Studio Clear Stamps and Stencils to create decorative accents with zero artistic ability.
  • Have fun experimenting with different effects - dip flatware into Gilding Size, create patterns, and more!

Gilding has been used throughout civilization, from the Egyptians to Old World Europe and now - the possibilities are endless for YOU!

Best used on: Most surfaces and finishes


Of All These Options, What is the Best Paint to Use For Stencils?

The best paint to use with Mesh Stencils depends on the project you have in mind and the surface you will be working with. A Makers' Studio paints have something for everyone no matter what your crafting needs are or the project you're working on. Take your pick from the various paint options that work perfectly with our Mesh Stencils. 

So, What Kind of Paint is Best for Stencils in Your Case?


Don't forget to pick out your favorite Stencil designs:

Do you wish you could create stunning works of art - but don’t feel confident in your skills? You can set free the artist within you using our adhesive mesh stencils! These are the easiest approach to all your DIY art projects - and because they’re reusable, they’re perfect for small businesses too. Shop now and see what you’ve been missing out on all this time! 

Parting Thoughts on the Best Paint to Use With Stencils

In conclusion, the best paint to use with stencils depends on the specific project and surface you're working on. Consider the nature of your project, whether it's furniture, decor, fabric, paper, ceramics, or other materials. Additionally, take into account the desired finish, durability, and the level of detail required for your stencil design. Whether you choose versatile options like One Step Paint or ChalkArt for furniture and decor, Gel Art Ink for paper crafting, or specialized No Bake Ceramic Paint for ceramics, selecting the right paint will ensure clean lines, proper adherence, and stunning results. So, take the time to assess your project's needs, explore the paint options available, and unleash your creativity with confidence and precision through stenciling. Happy painting!


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