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DIY Lace Detailing On Any Surface

July 12, 2021

DIY Lace Detailing On Any Surface

Our new Lace Mesh Stencil is here and we are in love! Add detail to your jean jackets, vases, ceramics and so much more! Watch Michelle show you how below...

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· Mesh Stencil – Lace

· Gel Art Ink – Well I Declare

· Multisided Squeegee


Additional Supplies Needed:

· Jean Jacket (Target)

· Painters’ Tape



1. Begin by placing painters’ tape around the outer edge of each pocket on the jean jacket.

2. Next, lay the lace stencil down on top of the pocket, smoothing out any bubbles.

3. Using the Multisided Squeegee, apply the Gel Art Ink Well I Declare to the stencil. Be sure to apply enough pressure to push the ink through the mesh.

4. Once done, carefully remove the stencil and repeat the process on the other pocket.

5. Continue the same steps to apply lace to both the cuffs. Once out of space on your stencil, wash it in lukewarm water and allow to fully dry before continuing.

6. Then repeat the process on the top back panel of the jacket. Once completely done, allow the jacket to dry for at least a couple of hours and then use a hot iron (no steam) to set the ink.


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