DIY Mushroom Patterned Pillow
August 09, 2023

DIY Mushroom Patterned Pillow

This guide will walk you through the process of transforming a plain pillowcase into a charming masterpiece that brings the beauty of nature indoors. Learn how to effortlessly transfer intricate patterns onto fabric, resulting in a cozy and captivating décor element. With step-by-step instructions and creative insights, you'll discover how to infuse your space with a touch of woodland whimsy using the Fungi Mesh Stencil!

Products needed:  
Other supplies:
  • Piece of cardboard or paper plate


Step 1
Take the Canvas Pillow Case and lay it out flat on a sturdy surface. You may iron first to smooth out any wrinkles if needed. Take the Fungi Mesh Stencil out of the cellophane wrapper (set aside for later) and then peel the black mesh from the white backing. Place into the top left corner of the pillow, making sure the mushroom designs line up with the sides evenly. Burnish (rub firmly) for several minutes to make sure there are no bubbles and that the stencil is well adhered to the fabric. 
Step 2
Take the Well I Swanee Gel Art Ink and apply a small amount to a piece of cardboard (a paper plate also works). Pounce the Foam Dome Brush into the paint to load it up, then pounce the paint onto the Mesh Stencil adhered to the pillow. Keep adding paint and applying to the pillow over the stencil until the design is fully covered. Once done, lift the stencil slowly and wash in warm water, rubbing the non adhesive side in circular motions with your fingertips until the mesh is clear of paint (you may also use a sea wool sponge to gently rub out the paint on the non adhesive side of the stencil). Once the paint is fully removed from the mesh, place your stencil adhesive side up to air dry.
Step 3

Repeat the process of step 2 until the entire pillow case is covered. Be aware to match up the edges of each new stencil placement so the pattern is continuous. Allow the paint to fully dry, then heat set with a warm iron (250 degrees) rubbing continuously for 3-5 minutes (use a piece of fabric or parchment paper to protect your design). 

Enjoy your handmade and completely unique mushroom pillow! Start Enjoying the Bragging Rights and compliments that will come your way when guests see this quirky throw pillow. 
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