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DIY Valentine's T-Shirt

January 06, 2021

DIY Valentine's T-Shirt

You can do so many different projects with different parts of our stencils! Today we are making an adorable Kids Valentine's T-Shirt using our Love Love Love Mesh Stencil! Make sure you make one for yourself too. 

Supplies Needed:



1. Begin by cutting out your stencil and then place one of the large hearts centered onto your shirt. Then use your ChalkArt Spreader to apply Can’t Never Could Gel Art Ink to the stencil, applying enough pressure to push the ink through the mesh. Once done, remove stencil and wash in lukewarm water.

2. Next, place the arrow stencil at an angle with the tail end on top of the heart. Then place painters’ tape along the edges of the arrow, covering up the sides of the heart in the middle of it.

3. After that repeat step one applying the same Can’t Never Could Gel Art Ink to the arrow. Once done, remove the stencil and repeat the process on the top right side.

4. Next, place the arrow at the bottom left, continuing the arrow above and across from it to form an “X.” Be sure to place the head of the arrow on top of the heart. Repeat the steps again making sure to use painters’ tape again to cover up the tiny heart on the arrow.

5. Then, place each letter of the word “love” into each quadrant, starting with “L” in the right and then going up and around landing on “E” at the bottom. Be sure to place painters’ tape down on any edges you may go over.

6. Use the ChalkArt Spreader to apply Bless His Heart Gel Art Ink to each of the letters. Carefully remove them once done and wash the stencils in lukewarm water.  Allow the shirt to dry for at least a couple hours and then set the ink using a hot iron (no steam).

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