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March 13, 2020


Tapestries are on trend right now and it is so simple to customize your own with our Rescue Restore Paint and Clear Stamps. Follow the steps below to begin your project!

A Makers' Studio Products Needed: 
Summer Nights - Rescue Restore Paint
Blessed - Rescue Restore Paint
Clear Stamp - Wreath Sections
Clear Stamp - I Love You / Family
Foam Dome Brush
Other Products Needed:
Drop Cloth
Fabric Glue


Step 1: Begin by measuring and cutting your cloth, 21 inches across and 26 inches long. Then trim the side and bottom edges, leaving the top edge sewn.

Step 2: Mix 2 parts Summer Nights Rescue Restore Paint, 1 part Black One Step Paint, and 5 parts water.

Step 3: Submerge the cloth in the dye bath, moving it around the entire cloth is dyed. Wring out the excess dye and then hang to dry overnight. Once dry, wash using fabric softener. 

Step 4: Cut off the excess strings and fringe until you have the look that you like. Then use a large plate as a guide to lightly mark around a circle with chalk.

Step 5: Load your Foam Dome Brush with Blessed Rescue Restore Paint, offloading it using an up and down motion. Using the same motion, load the paint onto the Wreath Stamp. Carefully place the stamp face down and apply even pressure. Then lift the stamp straight up. 

Step 6: Repeat the process, forming a circle and add additional leaves and flowers to the wreath as you go. 

Step 7: Once the tapestry is completely dry, flip it over and lay the rod centered at the top. Fold the top around the rod and use the fabric glue to create a pocket for the rod. 

Step 8: Finally, tie the string to either side of the rod to hang!


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