DIY World Map Decorative Items For Your Home

July 19, 2021

DIY World Map Decorative Items For Your Home

Our new World Map Mesh Stencil is here! Create beautiful and detailed designs on decorative items, t-shirts and more with this stencil. Watch below as Cristie from JoyFul Art Studio shows you how to create distressed World Map decorative piece. Then keep scrolling to see how we made the beautiful World Map Art Piece you see above. 

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HOW TO: DIY World Map Art Piece


· Mesh Stencil – World Map

· Gel Art Ink – Hush Your Mouth

· Gel Art Ink – Metallic Copper

· Gel Art Ink – Well I Swanee

· Angled Squeegee

· Artist Brush

Additional Supplies Needed:

· Watercolor Paper

· Small bowl or plate



1. Begin by placing a dab of Well I Swanee and Metallic Copper Gel Art Inks in a small bowl, adding a few drops of water to each. Then, wet the Artist Brush and do a wet wash over the entire paper.

2. Next, mix the Gel Art Inks and begin painting on the wet paper, varying density and color throughout.

3. Once done, dip the brush in water and use your finger to pull back the bristles and fling water onto the paper. Do this a couple of times until the desired look is achieved.

4. Allow the paper to fully dry, then place the World Map stencil centered onto the paper.

5. Using the Angled Squeegee, apply the Gel Art Ink Hush Your Mouth to the stencil.

6. Once done, remove and wash the stencil in lukewarm water. Allow the picture to fully dry before placing in a frame.


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