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How To Use Our Clear Stamps

October 01, 2021

How To Use Our Clear Stamps

Did you know we have a collection of Clear Stamps in our shop? Our Clear Stamps are so easy and fun to work with! If you aren't sure how to craft with them, Cheryl from Home Of My Making takes you step by step through the process! Watch the video below...

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     How To Make A Wood Platter With Clear Stamps



    Additional Supplies:

    • Wood Platter (Hobby Lobby)

    Step One: Remove Backing

    Step Two: Cut Stamps Into Sections

    Step Three: Mix English Walnut Stain With Water

    Step Four: Apply Stain To Wood Platter

    Step Five: Let Wood Dry

    Step Six: Mark Where You Want Your Wreath Stamp To Go

    Step Seven: Dip Your Foam Brush Into One Step Paint

    Offload brush onto cardboard.

    Step Eight: Gently Touch The Surface Of The Stamp With Your Brush

    Step Nine: Apply Stamp To Surface And Release

    Step Ten: Repeat Until Your Surface Is Covered


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