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How To: Fruit & Flowers Coasters

October 18, 2021

How To: Fruit & Flowers Coasters

Today I’m showing you how to make darling coasters that would be the perfect gift. Add fruits, flowers, and more into these coasters and preserve them forever. Our new kit includes: 

  • Acrylic Glacier Resin A - 8 oz.
  • Acrylic Glacier Hardener B - 8 oz.
  • 5 - Coaster Molds
  • Gilding Size
  • Gold Leaf Pack
  • 1 - Set of Dried Flowers (Purple)
  • 1 - Artist Brush
  • 3 - Stir Sticks
  • 1 - Pipette

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Step One:
When working with AHAH Acrylic Glacier Resin you want to be sure to wear a mask and surgical gloves.
Step Two:
Measure and mix your Glacier Resin labeled A and your Glacier Hardener labeled B together. Equal amounts 1-1 ratio. 
Step Three :
Pour your A and B into one larger cup and stir well for 3 minutes, be sure to mix the product on the side of the cup.  
Step Four:
Pour enough blended resin mixture to cover the bottom of your silicone mold and so that about 25% of it is filled up. All your resin to sit 5 minutes or so.
Step Five:
Place your fruit and flowers in the mold. Being inside the resin will actually preserve them! Use your wooden stick to press so they are somewhat covered with resin. Allow this to set 10 minutes. Fill the rest of your mold with resin and be sure the flowers and fruit are completely covered. Allow this to dry overnight.
Step Six:
Pop your dried resin coaster out of it’s mold! Add Gilding Size to the edges of your coasters and allow the size to come to tack – about 10 minutes.
Step Seven:
Cut your gold leaf book into strips and add them to the edge of your coasters. Burnish the gold leaf with the orange tissue and wipe away any excess gold leaf.
Step Eight:
Now it’s your turn to Enjoy The Bragging Rights!

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