DIY Homemade Wreath

May 26, 2022

DIY Homemade Wreath

Summer is the PERFECT time to pick up a new hobby. Make a Fourth of July themed wreath with us. Wreath making is so fun, and a great skill to learn. Watch how Lianep from DIY Beauty On Purpose creates a gorgeous wreath for her front door. We cannot wait to see how you get creative with this one...

Shop What She Used

Additional Supplies

  • Grapevine Wreath 
  • American Flag 
  • Greenery
  • Wood Blank


Step One

Paint Wood Piece With One Layer Of White Paint

Step Two

Drape American Flag Over Wreath Base And Glue On

Step Three

Attach Greenery Around Wreath Base

Step Four

Cut Off Desired Piece Of Stencil

Step Five

Remove Backing And Place Onto Wood Piece

Step Six

Apply ChalkArt With Squeegee On Top Of Stencil Then Remove Stencil

Step Seven

Add Wood Piece To Wreath

Step Eight

Add Floral Around Wreath 

Decorate As Much Or As Little As You Want. Be Sure To Get Creative!

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